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Maintaining Aesthetic Integrity and Public Safety with Porcelain Stoneware

In the 21st Century, designers and specifiers can opt for a huge variety of hard surface materials for their projects - glass, concrete, timber, natural stone and even metals. But not all hard surface materials are created equal and the challenge for designers and specifiers lies in finding one that strikes the right balance between stunning visual appeal and safety.



The right side of Sustainability: A Specifier's guide to Side-Retention Systems

In Australia, buildings produce 25% of the country’s total emissions. Learn how well-designed side-retention systems are contributing to energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable buildings, addressing a range of environmental factors – from heat gain and natural light control to protection against wind, rain and sun.



Authenticity & versatility: Laying down the facts about engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber provides the luxurious aesthetic of a solid hardwood floor while maintaining the superior mechanical properties for which it was originally designed. There are, however, some misconceptions in the architecture and construction industries that can lead designers or specifiers to make poor choices, like opting for solid timber when engineered timber would be more suitable for that particular application.



Safety & Fall Protection: Bridge to Safer Public Structures

Bridges present unique design challenges, including the need to implement safety and fall prevention measures without compromising the structural integrity and aesthetics of the bridge itself. Take a close look at the regulations currently governing the use of safety measures on Australian bridges and overpasses and explore ways of meeting them. 



Ensuring Safety and Compliance  with AM-BOSS Access Ladders

By making an informed decision, specifiers can ensure they select the right ladder for their specific purpose, saving time and money during construction. Examine key concerns for specifiers when choosing high-performance access ladders along with an overview of the key Australian Standards and regulatory frameworks.



Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The decisions and work practices of architects and specifiers can have a positive or negative impact on environmental, social and economic sustainability. Architects and specifiers should therefore be knowledgeable of ethical and sustainable design options, as well as local and global initiatives to achieve sustainable development. We introduce the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how architects and specifiers can help contribute to a more sustainable future.



The Role of Thermal Breaks in Optimising Energy Efficiency

While the new NCC was introduced last year, stakeholders had a grace period of 12 months when it came to the application of Section J – however, now is the time, to get to grips with the new standards, and to understand what classifies as high-performance insulation and glazing under Section J. Find out how high-performance insulation and glazing systems can provide thermally efficient comfort that complies with the new standards.


Water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare and aged-care environments

Australia’s ageing population poses a major challenge for the healthcare and aged-care sector. In facilities across the country, the focus on hygiene has never been higher, especially in relation to protecting the health of immunocompromised patients and elderly residents. Learn why an informed approach to design and specification is critical to minimising the spread of disease via contaminated drinking water and surfaces in healthcare and aged-care environments.



Choosing the right parking system and ensuring compliance at every stage

Design innovation and technology enables greater parking space yield in both residential and commercial applications. But with these new solutions come additional regulatory guidelines and standards that must be observed and met.  Gain a practical understanding of modern parking lift solutions and how to ensure that any product is fully compliant with relevant Australian Standards.


Category Focus: Exterior Wall Materials

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New Luxury: Finding a Modern Twist On Classic Brick Recladding, refurbishment and rectification of existing commercial buildings Simplifying Thermal Bridging Calculation: Improving Energy Efficiency

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Examine the modern concept of luxury and explore several innovations in contemporary brick design and manufacturing that are enabling the material to meet the performance and aesthetic requirements of today’s market. We look at high quality brick manufacturers to see the expanding possibilities offered by contemporary brick.

Take a look at the rising demand for insulated panels and the related circumstances that led to the current crisis, along with the ratified conditions for building compliance. Australian designers and specifiers must be able to relay relevant information back to their clients, concerning the new requirements of the NCC 2019

To combat building energy inefficiency, Australia and New Zealand have enacted stronger energy standards including new energy performance requirements, verification methods, design standards and environmental certification criteria relating to thermal bridging calculation.  Understand the changing requirements with this whitepaper.