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Hygiene and sustainability: Specifying sensor taps for a modern world

In architecture and design, tapware specification sits at the convergence of important considerations surrounding hygiene and sustainability. Through innovative design and technology implementation, sensor tap systems can alleviate these issues, delivering excellent hygiene and water efficiency for modern spaces.

Download this whitepaper to discover how sensor tap systems can deliver better hygiene and sustainability outcomes for your next project.



Transforming construction workflows for speed, quality and efficiency

Rising construction costs, sustainability demands, increased regulatory activity and the impact of COVID-19 make it harder than ever for businesses to remain competitive.To navigate this uncertain landscape, Australian design, engineering and construction firms need to find smarter ways to increase speed and productivity, and reduce costs across office and production workflows, without compromising on quality.

Download this whitepaper to see how market-leading printing technology can overcome workflow inefficiencies caused by legacy systems.


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Specifying textile composite flooring for educational applications

Choice of flooring material is a key decision for specifiers and designers of educational spaces. It can have drastic effects on thermal performance, acoustic performance, air quality and even light diffusion around the space. Textile Composite Flooring is durable, cost-effective and frequently outperforms common hard surface floors such as PVC Flooring that can be found in many educational institutions.

Download this whitepaper for a detailed look into the benefits of Textile Composite Flooring in educational applications.



Specifying adjustable kitchen and bathroom fittings for the Australian Design Standard

The ethos of accessible design is based around the inalienable human right to an adequate standard of living, and by designing accessible spaces, fittings and products, architects, specifiers and manufacturers have the chance to propagate this right through their work. The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Design Standard is a framework to designing for people with permanent and significant disability, one that all designers and specifiers should familiarise themselves with.

Download this whitepaper for a comprehensive overview of specifying for the SDA Design Standard. 



The benefits of autoclaved aerated concrete in modern construction

In Australia, design and construction professionals are seeking versatile building materials that enable high performing, energy-efficient building designs. Introducing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), a sustainable building material that offers strength, insulation and fire resistance in one lightweight package.

Download this whitepaper and learn about AAC, its many performance benefits and how it offers an efficient path to compliance with the National Construction Code.



A specifier's guide to recycled polymer surface water drain solutions

Surface water drainage solutions are an important aspect of any construction project, so it is important that designers and specifiers are fully aware of the options in the market along with their benefits and limitations in order to strike the right balance between function and aesthetic for their projects. Modern seamless slot drain solutions are a simple yet effective, environmentally friendly choice in this regard.

Download this whitepaper to see how recycled polymer seamless drainage solutions can work for you.



Lessons from leaky homes: Designing weatherproof facades for modern Australian buildings

Australia is facing a construction crisis – waterproofing failures have become widespread in buildings across the country. As leaky buildings are non-compliant, poor performing and extremely expensive to remediate, designers and specifiers must take lessons from the past to design weatherproof facades that can stand up to Australia’s demanding climate.

Download this whitepaper and learn why waterproofing has become one of the construction industry’s top concerns and how this impacts facade design and compliance.


Perfecting indoor outdoor flow: A specifier's guide to aluminium louvre roof solutions

Marrying the desire of Australian homeowners to have an outdoor living option with the reality of shrinking land sizes is a task that architects, designers and specifiers must navigate with regularity. Aluminium louvre roofs are a highly versatile solution when creating outdoor rooms. Either manually or mechanically operated, and automatable, they can easily be opened or closed depending on weather conditions or climate.

Download this whitepaper for a detailed examination of key considerations for designers and specifiers in selecting aluminium louvre solutions for indoor/outdoor living.



Transforming Surfaces: Using glass finishes to redefine commercial spaces

From the rise of open floor-plans in early 2000's, the modern office design is now centered around the impact on employee health, wellbeing and productivity. In collaboration with leading designers from across the world, 3M is launching 33 new, trend-setting patterns that will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces while delivering durability, privacy and flexibility.

Download this Infographic demonstrating the reasons for selecting glass finishes within commercial spaces.


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A guide to water efficiency and sustainability in bathroom design
Usability, style and safety: A specifier's guide to accessible shower screens Grate Insights 2020: Innovation, aesthetics & performance

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Extended droughts, low rainfalls, bushfires and increasing supply demands have raised the question – when will Australia’s major cities run out of water? Design and construction professionals play a critical role in Australia’s future by implementing sustainable water management in building design.

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To specify an inaccessible shower screen could render the shower area inoperable by someone with a disability. It is imperative that designers and specifiers carefully consider the specifications and design features of the shower screen they are considering in order to make the best, and most functional choice.

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A trend towards high-speed, low-cost development has started causing implications for sustainability. Working closely with the Australian Building Codes Boards, and investing heavily in R&D, Stormtech remain the only sustainable drainage company in Australia.

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