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Wednesday 2 June, 9:00 am

Sustaining the Flow: Water for the Future

Today, more than ever, it is paramount that we use water wisely. This session will explore how technology and specification can increase water efficiency, identifying products that meet the WELL Building Standard, are fit for purpose and are aesthetically pleasing. 

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Ljiljana Gazevic (SJB)
John Hoogendoorn (Phoenix Tapware)
Ben Robertson (Tecture)

Presented by
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Wednesday 2 June, 10:30 am

Greening Parcel Deliveries For The Built Environment Today

The rise of e-commerce and the associated increase in parcel deliveries has had unintended environmental consequences. This session looks at the solutions to this, balancing the benefits of e-commerce while minimising congestion and foot traffic.

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Lauren Melton (Groundfloor)
Dale O'Brien (Gray Puksand)
Liam Timms (International Towers Sydney)

Presented by
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Wednesday 2 June, 12:00 pm

Lighting to make Cities Safer

While lighting is a fundamental part of every project, it is of particular importance in urban design. In public spaces, darkness can directly affect the safety and wellbeing of citizens and their ability to interact with the cities they live in. This session explores where and what to install on a site, new research that may inform design decisions, and the regulations that guide us.

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Rebecca Cadorin (ARUP)
Tom Curtis (Light Project)

Presented by
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Wednesday 2 June, 1:30 pm

How Timber Sustains Us

As our climate changes, we look to source and use materials that embody a more conscious and sustainable future. As a renewable source, timber tops the list. However, what makes timber special? How is it best used? What timber is best for which application? The variety of timber is manifold and this session’s expert knowledge will inform and educate.

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Brent Calow (Havwoods)
Peta Heffernan (Liminal Studio)
Rebecca Yeo (Billard Leece Partnership)

Presented by
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Wednesday 2 June, 3:00 pm

Aluminium Core v Solid Aluminium: Fire Safety and Beyond

Despite regulatory change aimed at clarifying the issue of fire safety, there is still a widespread lack of understanding based on comparing ‘generic’ product types regardless of brand. This session will look at what constitutes compliant aluminium cladding products, how they satisfy the fire safety requirements and how they compare to each other.

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Ben Wallis (Bluechip)

Presented by
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Thursday 3 June, 9:00 am

Window Systems of the Future, Delivered Today

Whenever the functional requirements of windows are discussed, energy efficiency is invariably raised as windows play an integral role in heat transfer. This session looks beyond glazing to explore additional window components that affect sustainability and specification.

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Samantha Anderson (Inhabit)
Ross Baynham (Alspec)
Vince Wardill (Technoform)

Presented by
Alspec       1_point_badge_WHT.png

Thursday 3 June, 10:30 am

Corrosion Protection: Contributing to Sustainability

The civil construction sector has something of a blind spot when it comes to corrosion, despite it being a real and present issue. What then is the most effective approach to corrosion management? What processes should be undertaken to minimise the threat of corrosion and what can alleviate the problem once it occurs?

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Justin Rigby (Remedy Asset Protection)
John Barker (HBT Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd)
Troy Walters (TWC Group Pty Ltd)

Presented by
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Thursday 3 June, 12:00 pm

How to Help Architects Achieve their Objectives through Clever Design

As technology, process, materials and codes change, product design needs to adapt to this new reality and architects must rely on the ability of the artisan or manufacturer to translate their bespoke ideas into a reality. In this session, we will explore how design works with process to achieve optimum outcomes for both single residences and large commercial buildings.

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Anita Panov (panovscott)
James Perry (fjmt)
Tim Phillips (TILT)
Luigi Rosselli (Luigi Rosselli Architects)

Presented by
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Thursday 3 June, 1:30 pm

Opening the Blinds on Section J and Beyond

Window coverings play a crucial role in ensuring that commercial buildings are sustainable. The most recent update to NCC 2019 reflects this fact. This session will explore NCC 2019 Section J and will provide an understanding of window covering options and how to evaluate them for design, functionality and energy efficiency.

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Dr. Roberto Minunno (Curtin University)
Alison Peach (Verosol)
Sarah Tyson (Hassell)

Presented by
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Thursday 3 June, 3:00 pm

Water Management Solutions: Future Proofing Drainage

Wise water management is integral in ensuring a successful built outcome for any project. But what is required when addressing water management and drainage? This session will address this core question and will also examine which products to use, what meets code, how drainage impacts design aesthetics and how to utilise correct systems for a more sustainable future.

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James Huggett (Everhard Industries)
Marnie Morieson (Kennedy Nolan)
Kevin Smerdon (Everhard Industries)

Presented by
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